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Motorcycle safety must be a priority in spring

As motorcyclists are heading out to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, it’s imperative that all drivers remember that motorcyclists have the right to remain safe. When everyone on the roads follows the traffic laws, all can make it to their destinations. Sadly, some motorcyclists still get struck by other vehicles. Some of those bikers might end up very seriously injured.

Most motorcycle collisions can be prevented. Around two-thirds of crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle are the fault of the other driver for not yielding the right of way to the motorcyclist. It can be difficult to think that your accident could have been avoided if the other driver was following safety laws.

Other times, the other driver might not have seen the motorcyclist. Since these two-wheel vehicles have much smaller profiles than passenger vehicles, they are difficult to see. Intersections are one of the most dangerous spots for motorcyclists. All drivers must make conscious efforts to watch for the presence of motorcycles on the roads. This is especially important in the spring when many motorcyclists are just starting to ride again after a long New England winter.

Motorcyclists who get in crashes will likely need immediate emergency medical care. That may be followed by surgeries, a long stint in the hospital and extensive rehabilitative therapies. When the damage from the wreck is extensive, the motorcycle rider’s life may never again be the same.

Meanwhile, the bills can add up quickly. Seeking compensation can help to cover these expenses, as well as other costs that arise from your motorcycle accident.

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