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Other drivers are a primary hazard for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists don’t have the protections of the frame of a vehicle to help protect them in a crash. This means that they will feel the raw impact of the wreck, which can lead to very serious injuries. Many motorcyclists count on other drivers to help them remain safe on the roads. When the other drivers opt not to drive safely or pay attention to the road, the bikers are the ones who might suffer.

One particular hazard for motorcyclists is drivers who are distracted. These drivers might overlook the motorcycles because of the small profile of these two-wheel vehicles. The only way that this can be prevented is if all drivers avoid paying attention to things like their cellphone or other distractions.

Another hazard is drivers who are drunk. These individuals can’t make decisions based on the current road conditions. They might have blurry vision or slow reaction times, both of which can lead to them slamming into a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists also have to try to be as safe as possible at intersections. There is a chance that cars stopping at the intersection won’t spot the motorcycle and might drive through even though the motorcycle had the right of way.

For motorcyclists who are struck by another vehicle, the chance of injury and even death is high. Because this might come with a considerable financial expense that includes medical bills, personal care expenses, missed wages and other damages, the motorcyclist might choose to seek compensation. This is done by filing a civil claim against the driver who slammed into the motorcycle.

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