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Accident-linked brain injuries: severity not always readily notable

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Personal injury

Some injuries that Connecticut residents suffer as the result of third-party negligence are easily apparent. Take the broken leg of a pedestrian hit by a careless driver, for instance. Myriad other examples might also reasonably come to mind for readers of our blog.

Often, traumatic brain injury is not one of them. A so-called TBI or other significant head trauma can easily be — and frequently is – heavily camouflaged in the wake of an accident.

Notably, it can be hidden to even an accident/injury victim, who might be flatly unaware that he or she is experiencing anything particularly out of the ordinary.

That can be troublesome and even acutely dangerous, given that masked symptoms are often far more serious than initially seems to be the case. We note on a relevant website page of our law firm that “it can be difficult to tell whether a person is concussed or to gauge the severity of a TBI.” Sadly, many head-injury victims “who should be getting treatment merely shrug off the injury.”

The bottom line with virtually any head trauma is that it should never be ignored. Brain-tied injuries that initially seem comparatively minor can turn out to be staunchly adverse and life-changing events. Post-concussion effects can persist and grow in severity for many months and even years.

In fact, head trauma can often make the case for seeking a legal remedy compelling, especially where the negligence of one or more individuals closely contributed to injury. Personal injury victims and their families can strongly benefit from maximum money recoveries addressing medical costs, lost wages, future therapy/rehabilitation, pain and suffering and additionally relevant damages.

A proven and compassionate personal injury legal team can provide further information and, when necessary, diligent representation aimed at securing maximum compensation for a head injury victim.

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