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2 young bicyclists injured in alleged drunk driving crash

A Saturday afternoon in autumn is typically a fine time for a bicycle ride in Connecticut. However, what may have started out as a pleasant jaunt for two young boys turned into a nightmare scenario when a vehicle struck them, causing serious injuries. The driver of the vehicle, now facing charges including driving under the influence, then reportedly left the scene.

Authorities caught up with the 61-year-old woman after a call to 911 reporting a vehicle with a smashed windshield driving erratically on Interstate 84. When questioned, the woman informed law enforcement that she thought she had struck a small tree. However, she reportedly crashed into two boys, ages 12 and 13, riding bicycles, as well as a highway sign when she allegedly ran off the right side of the road while heading northbound on Fienemann Road.

The injuries that the two boys sustained in the crash are not life-threatening. One had a head laceration, while the other showed symptoms consistent with a broken leg. Responders arrived to transport the two boys to the hospital after other drivers called 911 upon seeing them on the side of the road. No information is available regarding the condition of the boy with the possible broken leg, but the boy with the laceration received treatment and went home the same day.

In addition to the charge of driving under the influence, the driver of the vehicle faces felony charges of second-degree assault with a motor vehicle, as well as motor vehicle violations of reckless driving and evading responsibility after an accident that caused serious injury. Victims of accidents involving alcohol may wish to explore legal options with the help of an attorney.

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