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What are common car crash causes?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Car Accident

Connecticut drivers may come across many different causes of car crashes. Some are avoidable and others are difficult to predict. Today we will examine some of the most common, along with how they can affect drivers on the road. 

Huffington Post examines some of the most commonly cited reasons for car crashes. Broken down into base categories, distracted driving is a top cause. This umbrella term covers behaviors like drowsy driving and texting while driving. These two actions alone have a high mortality rate. Because of that, it makes distracted driving one of the riskiest crash causes. 

Aggressive driving is also a crash cause. This can include tailgating, speeding and racing. It can also include weaving through lanes. Aggressive drivers often do not pay attention to their surroundings. They can be easy to agitate and may react based on emotion rather than logic. This makes them dangerous, sometimes on purpose. 

The weather also cause many crashes. The lower a driver’s visibility is, the more trouble they will have spotting dangers. They have less time to react to these issues, too. Fog, snow and rain are particularly risky. Driving at night can carry dangers for the same reason. 

Swerving is a risk as well. Drivers swerve for many reasons. This can include avoiding debris on the road or other surprises. If a driver swerves without looking, they can hit cars driving alongside them. This is what makes situations like animal crossings so dangerous. They are nearly impossible to predict and can case a driver to panic. A panicked driver is more likely to make devastating mistakes. 

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