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Alleged Connecticut DUI crash results in criminal charges

Last June, a driver in Connecticut reportedly crashed into a cruiser belonging to Connecticut state law enforcement on Interstate 95. An officer and two others sustained injuries as a result. The driver now faces charges of driving under the influence and other offenses in connection to the accident after turning himself in.

It was early on a summer morning when the cruiser stopped to assist a disabled vehicle. Its emergency lights were flashing at the time that a 33-year-old male driver reportedly struck the rear of the cruiser with his vehicle at a high rate of speed.

One of the troopers sustained broken bones, a concussion and other serious injuries requiring hospitalization as a result of the crash. Additionally, two occupants of the disabled vehicle also received injuries of undisclosed severity when the force of the collision caused the cruiser to crash into their vehicle.

In addition to DUI, the driver also faces charges including reckless driving and second-degree assault with a motor vehicle. After charging him, the judge scheduled a court date for approximately a week thereafter and freed the driver on a $50,000 bond. It is unclear why the driver decided to turn himself in, nor is it known whether he has retained the services of a defense attorney.

It has been over six months since the initial accident, and the current condition of the injured parties is unknown. Nevertheless, those injured in a drunk driving accident have the right to seek damages even when there are also criminal charges. An attorney should be able to provide additional information about the legal options available.

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