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Connecticut crash leaves two injured and one dead

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Car Accident

The 23-year-old male occupant of a vehicle is dead following an early Saturday morning collision in Southington, Connecticut, involving two vehicles. A 21-year-old female occupant of the same vehicle and the other driver, a 63-year-old man, sustained injuries requiring hospitalization.

Authorities continue to investigate the accident and have not indicated which of the two young occupants of the first vehicle was driving at the time of the crash. For reasons that are also unclear, the first car reportedly collided with the other vehicle after allegedly crossing a double yellow line. The force of the collision caused the vehicle containing the two occupants in their 20s to overturn and leave the road completely.

The accident occurred shortly after midnight in the vicinity of Interstate 691 near Orchard Lane. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities pronounced the male occupant of the first vehicle dead. The driver of the other vehicle sustained injuries described as non-life-threatening, yet requiring hospitalization. The female occupant of the car that allegedly crossed the center line and caused the accident required transportation to a different hospital for serious injuries. There is no information available as to her prognosis for recovery from the injuries she sustained in the crash.

Daytime photographs that presumably show the accident scene demonstrate wet road conditions. However, it is not clear what the conditions were at the time of the collision. Authorities have not commented on whether they believe that alcohol, drugs or excessive speed may have been factors in the crash. They have requested that witnesses come forward with any information relevant to the investigation. In the meantime, those injured in a car accident may wish to discuss the case with an attorney.

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