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Connecticut roads require a constant state of maintenance

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Firm News

Car accidents can happen for near-countless reasons, and solo crashes stretch that list even further. It’s not always apparent where to turn for help when there isn’t another driver involved, and you may have to look to the state for answers.

2019 saw around 11,000 injuries stemming from car accidents in Stamford, and 9,255 incidents of property damage. While these car accidents are often between two or more drivers, it could be that the state is the other party to take a place in your claim.

Governing claims

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is on the hook for keeping a lot of the roads throughout Connecticut in usable condition. When they fall short, you could be looking at cause for a claim:

  • Barriers: There are requirements for fences and blockades to be in place on public roads. When these aren’t in place or they’re damaged, it could result in your car getting into a lot more trouble than you would have otherwise.
  • Disrepair: Roads and bridges can quickly become deadly when they’re falling apart. It can take constant work to ensure the miles of Connecticut roads stay in proper condition, but that could be an arrangement you can hold the state to after an accident.
  • Debris: Rubble in the road can fall under the jurisdiction of the state, but it can also depend on how the debris got there and how long it takes to clean up. The state might have a reasonable time frame to clean up a mess, or an individual could be responsible if they caused the issue.

Understanding when the state is to blame is important for knowing how to take the proper steps forward. Make sure you’ve got a grasp on the rules in place, and you could find your way to compensation.

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