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3 construction workers on I-95 injured in DUI crash

Construction zones on highways are hazardous under even the best of conditions. Combine them with drunk or drugged drivers and accidents and injuries could result. 

State authorities in West Haven, Connecticut, have filed multiple charges against a man who reportedly crashed into a trailer and struck three workers in a construction zone on Interstate 95. The accident occurred in the evening approximately a week ago. 

Attempt to flee 

Work had closed the left and center lanes in the construction zone near Exit 43. Appropriate traffic cone patterns and warning signs were in place. The driver of the vehicle reportedly lost control while trying to navigate a curve. It is unclear how fast the vehicle was traveling at the time. The vehicle struck the three construction workers after first crashing into the concrete median divider. It then collided with the rear end of a stationary construction trailer located in the center lane. 

The driver reportedly attempted to flee the scene on foot, but construction workers detained him. When authorities arrived at the scene, they reportedly observed empty liquor bottles inside the vehicle, an alcoholic odor on the driver’s breath and slurring of his speech. These observations led law enforcement to believe that the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol. 

Minor injuries 

Fortunately, none of the three construction workers struck reported any serious injuries. They refused medical attention on the scene. Authorities took the driver of the vehicle to the hospital for treatment after he complained of chest pains. It is not clear exactly what treatment he received, but authorities later arrested him on multiple charges related to DUI. 

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