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When should you ride a motorcycle after a crash?

Dealing with your motorcycle crash is unlikely to be easy. If you were fortunate enough to avoid serious injury from your accident, you may want to return to riding someday. At the same time, the emotional trauma of the event might give you pause. You may wonder when the time is right for you to get back on a motorcycle. 

Ride Apart explains that the time to return to riding will differ for people. It depends upon your circumstances. Even if you have recovered from your injuries, you may still feel reluctant about returning to motorcycle riding. According to the Ride Apart article, there are things you can do to work out a decision to ride again. 

Be frank about your feelings 

Be honest with yourself about how you feel. You do not want to rush your return to motorcycle riding. If you feel nervous or scared, acknowledge those feelings. The immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be a stressful period, and it may take the passage of time before you feel more comfortable about riding on a motorcycle again. 

Restore your bike and gear 

In order to ride again, you should make sure your motorcycle is in proper working order following a crash. If your collision was minor, you may need some cosmetic work, but if you got into a serious accident, you may need to take the bike to a repair shop. Other steps to take include replacing a damaged motorcycle helmet or any piece of gear that took damage from the crash. 

Not only are these steps needed to restore your bike and your safety gear, but they can also provide you a way to work through your emotional distress following an accident. An automobile crash can make you feel you have lost control of your life. Restoring your bike may help restore your lost sense of control. 

Resolve other loose ends 

In addition to restoring your motorcycle, you may also want to make sure to resolve any loose ends stemming from your crash. If you are going through a stressful personal injury case, you may want to wait until it is over before you return to riding. Waiting until you secure compensation for your injuries may prove cathartic and help you feel better about riding again. 

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