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Teen responsible for DUI crash charged with manslaughter

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2020 | Personal injury

Every accident case is unique, but they are all devastating to the victims. Even minor injuries may develop into life-long aches. When a collision involves a death, though, the ripple effect can be catastrophic.

The Connecticut Post reports that Bridgeport’s Superior Court charged a 19-year-old with second-degree manslaughter for a DUI collision in February.

The DUI crash

Authorities arrived at a front yard with two crashed vehicles. Emergency services took the 52-year-old driver to the Yale New-Haven hospital where he died of multiple injuries. The 19-year-old driving the other car admitted to police at the scene he drank 6-8 beers celebrating a friend’s birthday before driving his vehicle.

The Guatemalan citizen clocked in with a BAC of 0.22 — more than twice the legal limit. He drove with a suspended license and had several other motor vehicle violations he skipped court over that authorities sought him out for. Courts set his bail at $100,000.

Picking up the pieces

This crash killed a father of two. It may have a severe effect on the victim’s family. But the case raises curious questions as well. How does the man’s international citizenship factor into this case? What complications do his previous traffic violations add? Most importantly, what sort of justice and compensation does the 52-year-old’s family deserve and from where do they get it?

The questions are hard in an even harder time for the family of the victim. Medical, property, and funeral costs can all fall under a wrongful death claim. Ensuring that a family has the resources they need to secure the justice they deserve is imperative in tragic cases like this.

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