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Traffic lights and accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Car Accident

There are countless reasons why motor vehicle crashes occur, but this blog post will focus on the various ways in which traffic lights are associated with collisions. Sometimes, accidents involving traffic lights occur because of malfunctions while other wrecks are the result of driver negligence. Either way, it is imperative for victims to go over the details of the incident carefully and think about their possible legal options. 

Our law firm is very familiar with the different hurdles that arise in the wake of an accident. Victims need to focus on all facets of their recovery, from physical well-being to emotional and financial health. 

When reckless drivers ignore traffic lights 

Sometimes, accidents occur at intersections because negligent drivers run traffic lights. For example, many accidents happen when a driver is in a rush or intoxicated. These wrecks often involve high speeds and significant impact, resulting in the loss of many lives and debilitating injuries. Drivers who ignore traffic lights need to answer for the consequences of their actions. 

Faulty traffic lights 

Sometimes, faulty traffic lights are the cause of a crash. There are various reasons why traffic lights malfunction, from strong winds and heavy rain to electrical power failure. It is very dangerous when traffic lights display the wrong signal as a result of a malfunction, such as showing a green light when drivers need to see a red light. This can cause drivers to think that it is okay to go without realizing that other vehicles are heading toward them. Review our website to go over other topics related to motor vehicle collisions and the recovery process. 

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