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What do you know about sharing the road with bicyclists?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Car Accident

As a driver, you know you have plenty to watch out for while navigating Connecticut’s roads. Do you think you do a good job of sharing the road with two-wheeled vehicles?

Learn the proper way of sharing the road with bicycles. The right info could go a long way in keeping you, bikers and other motorists safe.

Know that bikers have a right to the road

No matter how you may feel when you see a cyclist on the road, know that they have just as much right to be on the road as you. Further, bikers can legally occupy an entire lane when there is not adequate room for a car and bike to ride side-by-side.

Double-check your blind spots

While you should check your blind spots driving in areas where cyclists frequent, that goes double for places where you rarely see people riding bikes. Double-checking your blind spots is a great general safety tip, but extend that advice to parking and opening your car door so you do not accidentally hit someone zooming by on a bike.

Give cyclists at least three feet of space

By giving bikes at least three feet of space, you lessen your chances of accidentally hitting the person or the person accidentally hitting you. At higher speeds and during inclement weather, leave even more distance between your car and bikes.

Understand basic bike signals

Because bikes do not have turn signals, cyclists must use their hands to signal which way they intend to turn. Learn basic hand signals so you know where a biker wants to go.

Exercise patience when sharing the road with bikers. Smothering your irritation and knowing basic safety rules helps keep traffic flowing smoothly.

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