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Did a crash affect your memory?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Car Accident

Did you know that many crash victims suffer from memory loss in the aftermath of the accident? For some, this memory loss is short-lived and does not have a big impact on quality of life.

For others, this memory loss can redefine how your life may go. To understand the difference, you must understand how a crash can potentially impact your memory overall.

The link between brain and memory

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center points out that memory and brain health tie together. The location and strength behind the impact can influence the severity of memory damage you face.

As an example, short term memory damage is more common than long term. This is likely due to the location of short term memory storage. The frontal lobe often suffers the worst impact when in a car crash, especially in a frontal or rear end collision. This is also where your brain initially stores short term memory.

Issues with storage vs. conversion

Sometimes, your brain can have trouble storing memories. Other times, it may struggle to process a short term memory into a long term one. The duration of this can also vary. If you suffered from a sever traumatic brain injury, you are more likely to deal with months or years of memory loss. By comparison, a less severe injury often has faster recovery times.

It is important to work on rehabilitation after a traumatic brain injury. Many victims in your position seek financial compensation for this. It allows you to get the medical help you need, which frees you up to focus on recovery instead.

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