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Steps to take after a slip and fall accident

You can experience a slip and fall injury at a variety of locations: businesses, stores, schools, sidewalks, private homes, public streets and more. These accidents can leave you with lasting, devastating injuries. 

Prepare to take immediate steps if you or a loved one unfortunately sustain injuries in a slip and fall accident and later want to build a legal case. 

Seek medical care

You should first prioritize your health. Immediately get medical attention for all of your injuries. Make sure a doctor diagnoses your condition and documents the cause as a fall in your medical records. 

Report the accident

Speak to whoever is in charge of the location of the slip and fall, including the manager, a landlord or property owner. Have the person you speak to keep a written account of the accident and also keep a copy for yourself. Make sure to get a written account of the accident and have the person you speak to also keep a copy for yourself. 

Document all information

Journal information such as how you fell, the way you fell, the date and time of the incident and what you were doing right before the accident. To potentially use later as evidence, store any clothes or shoes you had on at the time. Write down the names, contact information and addresses of all potential witnesses of the incident. 

It is extremely helpful to snap multiple photos including conditions of the scene that contributed to your fall (i.e. wet floors, staircases or ice patches). 

Do not give statements

Avoid taking any blame for the incident and for now, do not outwardly place any blame either. Do not give a statement to any insurance adjuster until speaking with an attorney. When you speak to the manager or landlord, keep the communications professional and brief. Make sure not to divulge any details about the slip and fall to your social media followers. 

Overall, you will need to act quickly if you sustain injuries from a slip and fall accident. 

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