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What is so dangerous about texting while driving?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Car Accident

The invention of the cellphone changed communication. Over the years, it evolved into a supercomputer that fits inside a pocket.

The smartphone is a blessing and a curse. It allows people to remain connected regardless of location. However, all of this connectedness comes with a price. In some situations, that price is serious injury or death in a car accident. Distracted driving has overtaken drunk driving as the leading cause of fatal and catastrophic car crashes. While many things may distract a driver from the road, using a cellphone is the leading culprit, in particular, texting.

Why is texting so distracting?

When a driver looks away from the road for a few seconds, he or she puts everyone at risk. Looking at a cellphone screen to read or compose a text draws the eyes at attention away from the task at hand for far longer than, say, changing the radio station. On average, a text message captures a driver’s attention for about five seconds at a time. In that span of time, a car may travel the length of a football field without the driver realizing it.

What is the state doing to stop texting and driving?

Connecticut is one of many states that have distracting driving laws in place. In particular, the government banned the use of any handheld electronic devices while driving. The penalty for doing so starts at $150 and increases as drivers accumulate subsequent infractions. The efforts of law enforcement for cracking down on texting and driving is ultimately meant to make the roads safer.

Putting the phone down while driving leads to a safer experience. If everyone did the same, the number of fatal accidents would decrease, and more people would make it home unharmed to their families.

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