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Teen killed in pedestrian accident reportedly a talented dancer

A teenage pedestrian died in a Connecticut car accident while she was walking with a group of friends in Ridgefield. The girl, age 15, was struck at about 9:30 p.m. on March 14, according to official reports. An investigation is ongoing in the pedestrian accident, but it appears that the driver simply did not see the victim because the teenager was wearing dark clothing while walking along the unlighted section of road. It is not yet clear whether the driver will face criminal charges for the auto-pedestrian accident.

The teen was reportedly a talented dancer, and she attended the Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance. She apparently lived near the scene of the accident. Authorities report that the victim was transported to Danbury Hospital from the site of the pedestrian accident, but she died at that facility because of her wounds.

Family members and friends say that the young woman was a skilled ballet dancer, performing in ‘The Nutcracker’ on an annual basis. The teen was well-known for being friends with other performers, according to directors who had coached her in the past. The girl’s high school has canceled a stage production because of her death, and counseling has been made available through the Youth Service Bureau.

Even if the driver in this case does not face criminal charges for the auto-pedestrian accident, that person could be subject to civil penalties because of the crash. A negligent driver may be held accountable in civil court, and that person could be required to compensate victims for medical expenses, funeral costs and a variety of other claims. Relatives who have suffered the loss of a loved one because of a negligent driver may benefit from the assistance of a Connecticut personal injury attorney.

Source: The News-Times, “Ridgefield teen struck, killed by car was a talented dancer” John Pirro, Mar. 18, 2014

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