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Woman nabbed for drunk driving accident had DUI charges pending

A Connecticut driver has been arraigned after a serious drunk driving crash, during which her blood alcohol content was reportedly measured at more than three times the legal limit. The 31-year-old woman is accused of crashing into a store in Bridgeport, injuring three victims during the drunk driving accident. The woman’s arraignment on those charges came just one day before she was slated to appear in court in connection with previous DUI charges.

The woman allegedly crashed into the Fairfield Cumberland Farms store after she failed to navigate a turn on an Interstate 95 exit ramp. She struck one vehicle and then smashed into curbing near the store’s gas pumps. She ended up striking the building after sideswiping a second vehicle and then rear-ending another. The man who was rear-ended suffered serious back injuries. A 21-year-old woman also suffered severe bruising because of the accident. The alleged drunk driver was also taken to a nearby hospital before being taken into custody.

Authorities say that the defendant is facing drunk driving charges, in addition to reckless driving, first-degree reckless endangerment and driving on a suspended license. She is currently being held in lieu of bond, which has been set at $15,000. A judge said the woman should have never been behind the wheel because of her license suspension.

Connecticut victims of drunk driving accidents may be able to recover financial damages after suffering serious injuries in an alcohol-related accident. These victims, such as the man who suffered back injury, may be eligible to receive payments for acute and ongoing medical costs, along with compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress and other civil claims. A Connecticut personal injury attorney may be able to provide additional information for victims who have been involved in a drunk driving accident.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Driver held in Cumberland Farms crash” Daniel Tepfer, Apr. 03, 2014

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