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Drunk driving accidents involve twin sisters

It is common for accidents to involve multiple family members, for example when they are traveling together in the same car. However, it is rare for family members to be in separate, unrelated drunk driving accidents less than 24 hours apart. It’s even more rare when the accidents involve twin sisters, like a recent set of crashes did.

The first arrest occurred in the early morning hours of June 14 and the second early on June 15. Both happened in Connecticut.

The sisters, age 25, will have their cases heard in the New London Superior Court. The first one is accused of backing her car into another car while in the parking lot of Hootie’s Good Times Cafe, a local bar. She reportedly faces charges that include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, along with unsafe backing, driving without minimum insurance, and other charges.

Her sister also faces a DUI charge, along with failure to drive on the right and evading responsibility. In her case, she allegedly struck a sign with her car and then left the scene. There were no injuries in either case.

While twin sisters being arrested for DUIs less than 24 hours apart is one unique coincidence, it is not the only one. The same car that was hit by the first twin sister was hit late that day by an unrelated driver. That driver was also charged with a DUI.

In this case, the twin sisters may well seek out the same attorney to represent both since their cases are so similar. Others accused in drunk driving accidents will want to review their own cases with their attorney to determine the best course of defense.

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