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Drunk driving accident suspect arrested, 1 fatality

A recent fatal car crash in New Haven, Connecticut, was originally believed to only involve one car. That car had hit a barrier at Long Wharf Drive between the I-95 Northbound on-ramp and Canal Dock. New Haven police discovered, however, that a second vehicle was involved. The driver of the second vehicle is believed to be responsible for the crash and resultant fatality. He was allegedly under the influence of alcohol at the time, making it a drunk driving accident.

The collision occurred at approximately 12:18 a.m., this past Sunday morning. When it did, a male passenger in the first car, who is from New Haven, was ejected. A female passenger, also in the first car, suffered injuries. Both were taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital.

There, the female passenger had surgery. She is currently listed as being in critical condition. The male passenger was pronounced dead at 12:44 a.m., while at the hospital.

The driver of the first car suffered only non-life threatening injuries. He informed police about the second car involved, saying it had cut him off when he tried to enter the highway. Witnesses corroborated this, telling the police that the second car was a white Toyota Rav 4. They also said that it was still in the vicinity, parked on Church Street South close to nearby Union Ave.

Police found the second car where the witnesses had said it was. They also found the driver inside. He was arrested and has been charged with driving under the influence.

The individuals in the first car in this case suffered injuries due to this drunk driving accident. The two who survived and the family of the one killed have legal options they can pursue. An attorney experienced in drunk driving accident lawsuits can help them do that.

Source:, “Suspect Charged with DUI in Fatal Crash” Stephanie O’Connell, Aug. 24, 2014

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