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State cop accused of drunk driving in Connecticut crash

A police officer in Connecticut is now facing DUI charges after an accident that ended up totaling his police cruiser. The crash took place on a Friday night, and it happened in Ellington. The officer has had all of his powers as a member of the police forced stripped away for the time being.

Reports indicate that the head-on collision involved the cruiser and a pickup truck. After slamming into the truck, the cruiser flipped, coming to a stop on the car’s roof. Reports show that the officer was driving west, but his car crossed the center line, into the eastbound lane, and smashed into a Dodge Ram that was going the other direction. The crash was out on Sandy Beach Road.

Two people were in the truck, and the passenger suffered from injuries that are now being described as less than life threatening. The emergency crews that responded took that passenger over to Johnson Memorial Hospital, and she was later released after being treated. The driver of the Ram did not get hurt in the crash.

The police officer also suffered injuries, but, like the passenger, his injuries did not put him in mortal danger. He also was treated and then released, and he has a court date that has been set for the end of August.

People who are involved in drunk driving accidents, whether they are members of the police force or civilians, have rights as citizens of the United States, and these rights must be upheld during the hearing and trial process. Those facing DUI charges should know exactly what these rights are.

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