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Suspected DUI crash kills pregnant woman

Few things bring out public empathy like the death of a baby and the baby’s parent. This includes when a pregnant woman and the baby she carries die in a tragic accident. Sadly, that is what happened recently in a drunk driving accident in Redding California. The California Highway Patrol confirmed that the pregnant woman in the crash died.

The woman, 20, was four months pregnant. She was a passenger in a Toyota Camry, which was on Highway 44 at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Friday. Near Millville, the Toyota crossed into the wrong lane and into oncoming traffic. It then crashed into a fence and rolled over several times.

Bystanders had to pull all of the occupants from the car before it became engulfed in flames. In addition to the pregnant woman, the other occupants of the car were two additional passengers and the driver. All of them suffered major injuries.

Everyone in the accident was treated for the injuries they had suffered by local medical professionals. Unfortunately, for the pregnant woman, it was too late. Even though she had been rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible, she died there.

According to the hospital, Mercy Medical Center, the cause of her death was severe blunt-force injuries. Friends and family are of course devastated by the loss. The status of the other two passengers has not yet been released.

The driver in the case, 36, has been arrested. Police believe that alcohol was a factor in the crash. Drunk driving accidents are not uncommon in the state of Connecticut. Victims of such accidents and their families have legal options. Some of those options may include pursuing compensation for several civil claims.

Source:  CT Post, “Pregnant woman killed in suspected DUI crash” Jul. 26, 2014

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