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Upgrade to charges after fatal Connecticut accident

A young man was out for a jog on Middleton Avenue when he was hit by a pickup truck and killed. He was just 20 years old at the time. The man driving the truck was elderly, at 72 years old, and police have alleged that he was also operating his truck while under the influence of alcohol when the crash occurred.

Both of the men are from North Haven. The man who was hit did survive the initial accident and he was taken to an area hospital, but he then passed away from his injuries.

The elderly driver recently had to go before a judge, and the judge then upgraded the charges. Originally, he was facing charges for second-degree assault, committed with a motor vehicle, and for driving under the influence. The upgrade means that he will face charges for second-degree manslaughter.

The man has been allowed to leave the jail after putting down a bond of $50,000. Part of the court case involved a motion set up to increase that bond total, but that motion was denied. However, the judge did say that the man has to be confined to his home for the time being. Under no circumstances is he allowed to get behind the wheel of any motor vehicle.

The family of anyone who has been killed in a drunk driving accident in Connecticut needs to know what rights they have in the absence of their loved one. All people should have the right to exercise and use the roadways in a safe and legal manner, without fear of injury or death due to the actions of nearby drivers.

Source: New Haven Register, “Charges upgraded against alleged drunken driver in fatal North Haven accident” Jul. 31, 2014

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