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Accused hit-and-run drunk driver makes court appearance

Sometimes, even Connecticut pedestrians aren’t safe from being hit by wayward drivers in motor vehicle accidents. Pedestrian can be walking in an area that they believe is safe, with most cars just passing by. However, if just one of the drivers of one of those cars operates his or her vehicle in an unsafe manner, a motor vehicle accident can occur. One did recently in a tragic drunk driving accident that resulted in the pedestrian being injured.

The pedestrian, 24, is a resident of Guilford, Connecticut, and had been coming home from Durham Fair. The driver, 53, is a resident of West Haven, Connecticut, and is now facing multiple charges. Those charges include assault and driving under the influence. She will lose her driver’s license this week.

The pedestrian was hit when walking southbound on Route 17, near the intersection with Route 79 in Durham. The driver’s car hit her and threw her 30 feet to the side. She landed hard in the woods. An ambulance transported her to Middlesex Hospital. From there, she was taken to Hartford Hospital by air and treated. According to her family, she suffered head trauma. She is now home recovering.

After hitting the pedestrian, the driver kept right on going. Because she didn’t stop, the incident is being labeled a hit-and-run. Other drivers in the area intervened, making the defendant in the case stop after she had gotten approximately a mile and a half away from the crash scene.

This drunk driving accident case in Connecticut included injuries to the pedestrian hit. Of course, each case is different, so others hit by a drunk driver will want to talk with an attorney about the facts in their case.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Driver Accused in Drunken Hit-and-Run in Durham Appears in Court” Sep. 29, 2014

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