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Court date set for accused drunk driver

When parents put their kids on a bus, they hope that the other kids will be nice to them. They also hope that the driver will be a safe, responsible driver who will get the kids to their school at the beginning of the day and back home when school is done without incident. One of parents’ worst fears is to have a school bus driver who will put their children in jeopardy. Unfortunately, that happened in a recent drunk driving incident.

The alleged drunk driver, a woman, drove 20 students to a local middle school. Unfortunately, on August 27, she allegedly did so while drunk. On that day, according to police, she had a blood alcohol that was three times the limit for commercial bus drivers. No details have been released to the press about why the woman chose to drink alcohol before driving a school bus full of middle-schoolers.

Her inebriated condition came to the attention of the police when the bus she was driving swerved suddenly off the road. A police officer gave her a sobriety test. She failed, resulting in DUI charges being filed against her. Fortunately, no students were injured as a result of her alcohol-impaired driving.

However, the bus company fired her. She was arrested and faces 20 felony counts. All 20 counts are for risk of injury to a child. She posted $25,000 bail and was scheduled to face a judge in superior court.

While there weren’t any injuries in this drunk driving incident, there are in many others. Victims in those cases will want to attend to their medical needs first and foremost. After that, they may want to contact attorneys to find out about their legal rights.

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