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Fiery Connecticut car crash results in DUI charges

Connecticut roads can get very busy during the holiday season. For that reason, drivers should take particular care to be aware of roadside conditions and other vehicles. They also need to be very aware, as they should be at other times of year as, of their own condition and suitability to drive. That includes not driving if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Unfortunately, a Norwalk woman did not refrain from driving on a recent evening despite allegedly having been under the influence at the time. On Saturday, Dec. 6, she drove her car on Post Road East and crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer.

The crash resulted in damage and fire, with the woman’s car being temporarily wedged under the rear-end of the tractor-trailer. That vehicle had been carrying milk. Its driver got out and helped the woman who had crashed into him to get out of her car.

The woman, 52, has been charged with two offenses. The first is driving under the influence. The second is failure to drive a reasonable distance apart. It is understood that the combination of the two is what resulted in her crashing into the milk-carrying tractor-trailer that fateful morning.

The accident happened at approximately 1:10 a.m. The weather conditions at the site, the intersection of Church Street and Post Road East, were moderate with a light rain falling. The woman who caused the crash is free on a $500 bond and has a Dec. 18 court date.

Typically, people who are in car accidents where someone else was at fault will want to address their medical needs first. After that, they may want to explore their legal options. A good attorney can help them to do so.

Source: Westport Now, “Norwalk Woman Charged With DUI in Fiery Crash” Dec. 06, 2014

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