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Pedestrian pinned under parked car

When two autos collide, it can be very scary for the occupants as they risk injury from the impact despite the shell of steel that surrounds them. Scarier still is being hit by a heavyweight motor vehicle when simply walking on a city sidewalk as a pedestrian. This happened recently on Adams Avenue in Stamford, Connecticut, in a collision that made headlines.

It happened around 4:00 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon. A woman had been walking along the sidewalk with a female friend, simply enjoying a casual afternoon stroll. All of a sudden, the driver of a Buick Century sedan hit the back of a Toyota Corolla that was near West North Street.

The Corolla was knocked by the impact of that crash into a parked Toyota Camry. The Camry in turn was propelled onto the sidewalk just as the two women were walking by. The first woman was pinned underneath.

Firefighters raced to the scene. Once there, they successfully moved the Camry, freeing the first woman. She was alert, though injured. There were some difficulties in communicating with the first responders at the scene because she didn’t speak English.

The second woman who had also been walking on the sidewalk was injured as well. The baby in the baby carriage that the two women had been pushing was not injured, fortunately.

Both women were treated for their injuries. Reports affirm that one of them suffered a broken leg.

Meanwhile, police officers are working to determine how the accident happened. They are looking at why the Buick hit the Corolla, since that collision set of the chain of events that led to the woman being hurt.

Anyone hurt in an auto accident will want to address his or her injuries first. After that, he or she can explore legal options with an attorney.

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