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Police seek driver in Connecticut hit and run

A 16-year-old Waterbury female teenager remains in sedated the hospital after becoming the victim of a Jan. 17 hit and run accident. That accident left the girl with serious brain injuries. Her boyfriend, who was also injured on Saturday during the hit and run, suffered a serious leg injury that required surgeons at St. Mary’s Hospital to use pins and rods to repair his right leg.

According to Fox CT, the accident occurred as the two teenagers were on their way to the mall to see a movie, when they were struck by a vehicle. The accident, which happened on Brass Mill Drive as the couple tried to cross the street, threw both teenagers a distance of at least 30 feet due to the impact.

According to police, the car that hit them continued going after the accident. They have described the vehicle as a dark colored Honda that may possibly be a Civic. Police report that the car has tinted windows and will have significant damage to the front if it is seen. Meanwhile, the boy’s father has offered $1000 reward for any information about the accident that leads to an arrest.

In Connecticut, a hit and run is legally known as an evasion of responsibility. It is not only a crime, but individuals who have been the victim of a hit and run may be able to seek compensation for their injuries from the guilty party once that person is located. An experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney may be able to assist individuals who have been a victim of this type of accident.

Source: Fox CT, “Teens remain hospitalized after Waterbury hit-and-run” John Charlton, Jan. 20, 2015

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