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Stolen car damaged in DUI car accident

Car accidents are always serious, often involving injuries to individuals. Some of the worst injuries are suffered when a vehicle hits a pedestrian. That is what happened recently when a car hit a man who was standing by a stopped vehicle.

The accident happened in Southington, Connecticut, at approximately 2:57 p.m. on Jan. 3, 2014. A 2010 Honda Civic was traveling westbound on Laning Street when the driver lost control and hit the pedestrian.

The Honda also hit multiple cars. First, it ran into a 2007 Dodge Caliber that was on the right shoulder of Laning Street’s eastbound lane. Second, it continued westbound and hit the back of the 2008 Ford Fusion. The Ford Fusion had been traveling westbound on Laning Street.

The pedestrian had been by the Dodge Caliber, close to the driver’s side of the vehicle, when the accident happened. He suffered serious injuries and was was taken to Hartford Hospital. He died of those injuries.

The driver of the Dodge Caliber was also injured.. She has the same last name as the pedestrian who was killed, and may have been a relative of his. She was treated at the scene of the accident for serious leg injuries and then taken to Hartford Hospital. Her current condition has not been released to the press yet. The driver of the car that hit her vehicle and the pedestrian were not injured.

Car accidents, including those involving pedestrians, often involve injuries. These can occur a number of ways. If you or a relative are injured in a car accident with someone else at fault, an attorney can help you sort out your legal rights.

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