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Pedestrian and bicycle accidents demand firm action

Motor vehicles are heavy machines that offer the occupants various protections in the event of an accident. Pedestrians and bikers don’t have those protections, so when they are hit by a motor vehicle, the injuries can be very severe. In some cases, these accidents can be fatal. We know just how devastating pedestrian and bicycle accidents can be for the victims. With that in mind, we work hard to seek compensation for their injuries.

When you are struck by a driver, evaluating your injuries is very important. You should seek medical care right away, even if you don’t think you need it. There are some injuries that might not be evident right away; however, if you seek medical care, some of those latent injuries might be discovered.

Seeking medical care also helps us to establish a connection between the injuries and the accident. That is a very important part of your claim for compensation. We must be able to show how these two aspects of your case come together.

Another aspect of your case that is very important is determining the cause of the accident. Some of the possible causes are fatigued driving, drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding and failing to yield. The cause of the accident is important because it can be used to show that the other driver was liable for the wreck.

We know that trying to heal from the accident is difficult enough on its own. When you try to accomplish a multitude of legal tasks, it can seem impossible. We will handle the legal matters associated with your case so that you can keep working on your recovery.

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