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When you lose a loved one in a drunk driving crash

Have you lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident? If you have, then we understand completely what you are going through. At the law offices of John J. Lacava, LLC, we have seen countless sad stories of people who lost their lives needlessly — simply because an irresponsible person chose to get behind the wheel when he or she was too drunk to drive. In addition, we have helped the family members of these victims seek financial compensation from the drunk drivers responsible for their loved ones’ deaths.

The vast majority of drivers would never even think about operating their motor vehicles while they were intoxicated. Most drivers care too much about their own safety, the safety of their passengers, and the safety of other drivers on the road to engage in such irresponsible behavior. However, there are the select few drivers who choose to break the law, and even though most of these drivers get away with it and arrived home safely, some of them do not. Some drunk drivers cause catastrophic accidents that never should have happened — accidents that kill.

Unfortunately, no amount of litigation and no amount of money will ever come close to making someone whole after he or she has lost a loved one in an accident caused by negligence. There are just too many questions like: What if I had done this? What if she had not done that? Or, what if the drunk driver had sensibly refrained from driving that night, taken a taxi, spent the night at a friend’s house, or just walked home?

That said, we have a duty to hold these irresponsible people liable. As a society, we must hold these negligent and irresponsible drivers accountable for the injuries, death and mayhem they cause. At the Law Offices of John J. Lacava, LLC, that is our mission. We help families seek justice and restitution following injuries and death in drunk driving accidents. Furthermore, we take pride in knowing that our efforts in this regard are helping to discourage other drivers from engaging in such unconscionable behavior.

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