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Important statistics and facts on drunk driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has produced some great statistics on drunk driving. One important piece of information that points to the success of MADD relates to the fact that drunk driving deaths have dropped by 50 percent since the inception of MADD in 1980. This is a particularly incredible stat — especially considering the fact that there are more cars than ever on the road these days.

One alarming statistic, though, is that an estimated 50 to 75 percent of those convicted of drunk driving in the United States actually continue to drive their motor vehicles, in spite of having suspended licenses.

Getting caught drunk driving is not usually something that happens to someone who just drove while intoxicated once. On average, drivers arrested for the offense drove drunk a total of 80 times before they were actually arrested. The age category of drivers who are most likely to drive while intoxicated is 21 to 25. About 23.4 percent of these individuals are likely to drink and drive.

A lot of people think that a strong cup of coffee, a cold shower or some jumping jacks will be enough to sober a person up. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. The only thing that can help someone to become sober enough is time — as the body naturally metabolizes the alcohol and the body becomes sober again.

Although there are lots of facts and figures about drunk driving, one thing is very important to realize — drunk driving is completely avoidable, and the more people who refrain from it, the less people will die from drunk driving crashes. As a result, there will be less personal injury litigation required to bring justice and restitution to the victims of a DUI-related accident.

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