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Driver safety advice for Connecticut residents

Driving is dangerous even when we are careful to follow the rules of the road and even when we’re attentive to what is happening around us. Therefore, drivers need to do everything they can to prevent an accident. By following the pieces of advice in this article, Connecticut drivers can really do a lot to improve their safety — and the safety of their passengers — when they take to the road.

Slowing down may be one of the most important things drivers can do. Always obey the speed limits. Just a slight increase in speed can exponentially worsen the injuries associated with an accident if one happens to occur. Is the increase in injury risk really worth getting to your destination 5 or 10 minutes sooner?

Here are some other things drivers should do: 1) always stop completely at red lights and stop signs; 2) use your turn signals and look in both directions before you take a turn; 3) expect the unexpected, especially if you can’t see what’s happening beyond a turn or over a hill; 4) yield to pedestrians; 5) give cyclists as much leeway as possible and always keep an eye out for them; 6) keep your cellphone out of reach and never use it in any way while you’re driving; and 7) be extra careful whenever you pass through an intersection.

When Connecticut drivers are being as safe as possible, following the rules and following defensive driving practices and an accident still occurs, it might not be their fault. Connecticut drivers injured in car crashes that were not their fault may have strong claims for financial restitution in civil court.

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