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Child pedestrian accidents in Connecticut

Whether Connecticut residents have children or not, they generally recognize that the youngest members of our communities are the most precious things we have. They are our future, our innocence and they continually remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life as best we can. In honor of all children, who give us so much by authentically being themselves, we want to use today’s blog post to remind Connecticut drivers of the need to be cautious when children are present on the roadway.

Indeed, if children are present in a neighborhood, motorists need to slow down to ensure that they have enough time to stop if the child suddenly darts out into traffic. In fact, motorists are not only morally obligated to be careful when children are present like this; they are also legally obligated to do so.

According to the law, motorists owe a special duty to be cautious around children. The reason for this is because children are more likely to act in an erratic fashion, since — unlike adults — they have less developed and more easily distracted minds. Also, they do not always have the quick reactions and coordination needed to avoid cars and navigate traffic. Since these facts are common knowledge, drivers who fail to take special care around children are generally considered to be negligent by the courts; and, if an accident and injuries result from this negligence, the motorist can be held accountable in court.

At the Law Offices of John J. Lacava, we would much rather drivers be responsible, careful and attentive around children in order to avoid an accident and injuries. However, if a Connecticut child is injured due to no fault of his or her own, then the injured child and his or her family may have the right to seek financial claims against the at-fault driver in civil court.

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