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React appropriately if you are injured by a drunk driver

Drunk driving accidents are horrible because they could have been prevented if the drunk driver would have just taken appropriate steps to find a way to get home instead of driving. If you are struck by a drunk driver, you should make sure that your reaction is appropriate. It is easy to get mad and fly off the handle, but that isn’t productive. Instead, you can choose to seek compensation from the drunk driver for the injuries you suffered.

Connecticut laws take a harsh stance against drunk drivers. This includes the penalties they face in the criminal justice system, as well as the possible actions that the injured parties can take against the drunk driver as part of a personal injury claim in the civil court system. Because we know that you need to focus on rebuilding your life after the accident, we can help you handle the legal aspects of your personal injury claim.

There is no reason why you should have to drain your finances to cover the expenses you will face after the accident. You will likely have medical bills. If your injuries were severe, you might also have to miss work, which means your income was reduced. All of those factors, as well as the future expenses you might face because of the accident, can all be considered when you file for compensation.

It is important that you understand how the laws pertain to your case. Understanding these laws can be complex; however, we are here to make it a little easier for you so that you can focus on your life.

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