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Bicyclists can suffer extensive injuries in a crash

Bicyclists have the freedom to enjoy the open road and venture into places that motor vehicles can’t go. When the bicyclist is sharing the road with motor vehicles, mutual respect and attention to safety is required to help keep the person on the bicycle safe. Bicyclists who are involved in accidents with motor vehicles can suffer from grave injuries, including brain or spinal cord injuries.

We know that bicyclists don’t take off pedaling with the thought of being hit by a car. Instead, accidents with motor vehicles often come as a shock. The bicyclist might not have time to prepare for the impact. That leaves them vulnerable to a host of injuries, such as road rash and broken bones.

When the bicycle accident is caused by the negligence of a motorist, the bicyclist might choose to seek compensation for the damages that are associated with the crash. Oftentimes, this decision isn’t made until after the bicyclist has received the medical care necessary to stabilize the injuries they suffered.

We can help you to seek the compensation that will cover the medical bills that you received because of the care you needed. We can also help you to try to recover the money you lost if you were unable to work after the accident. We can also help you to try to get funds that will cover future expenses that are related to the injuries you suffered in the accident.

Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a bicyclist is vital if you are seeking compensation. These points can play an important role in your claim for compensation.

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