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Fatal drunk driving crashes aren’t as common here as nationally

People on the Connecticut roadways are a bit luckier than many other drivers across the nation. Connecticut’s rate of deaths from drunk driving accidents is lower than the national rate. This is true for all demographics noted on a publication by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When you consider people of all ages, the death rate for drunk driving accidents in Connecticut is 2.4 per 100,000 people in the population. That is a big decrease from the 3.3 death rate on a national level. The rate difference is huge for males. In Connecticut, the death rate for males is 3.7. The death rate nationally for men is 5.2.

The death rate for alcohol-involed crashes of people who are at least 35 years old was 2.1 for our state, but 3.1 nationally. For ages 21 to 34, the death rate was 5.9 for Connecticut and 6.7 nationally. For people ages 20 and under, the death rate nationally was 1.3, but our state didn’t even register because fatality rates that were based on less than 20 deaths weren’t included.

Connecticut drivers seem to acknowledge that they sometimes drive after having too much to drink. On a national level, 1.9 percent of adults reporting having driven after having too much to drink within the past 30 days. That rate was 2.1 percent for Connecticut drivers.

Even though people in our state are less likely to be involved in a fatal drunk driving accident, it is still possible. If you lose a loved one in one of these accidents, seeking compensation might help you to legally avenge your loved one’s passing.

Source: United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Sobering Facts: Drunk Driving in Connecticut,” accessed July 20, 2016

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