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Devastation can lead to compensation claims

In our previous blog post, we discussed the devastation that can occur when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle. This is true even if the person who was struck was on a bicycle. In either case, you are pitting a heavy vehicle against a person who isn’t protected. We know that you can probably imagine how that might play out.

If you were struck by a car and suffered injuries or if you have a loved one who was killed in an accident with a vehicle, you might decide that you don’t want the driver to just get away with causing the accident. You can attempt to hold him or her accountable for the accident by filing a claim for compensation, which can hit the individual in the pocketbook.

Seeking compensation is an attempt at getting back the money that you are out of because of the accident, but it is also a way that you can make the person, or parties, who caused the accident take responsibility for it. Even if that person faced criminal charges, you can still seek compensation since seeking compensation is handled in civil court and criminal matters are handled in the criminal justice system.

As part of your claim for compensation, we will look into what happened during the accident. We understand that having to go through this can be difficult, especially if your claim is based on the loss of a loved one. We offer compassionate representation, but we fight fiercely for your side of the case. We want you to get the compensation that you deserve.

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