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Drunk driving accidents during the holidays are horrible

Drunk drivers are a public safety hazard. Around this time of year, people who are attending holiday parties might opt to consume alcohol. This in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if those partygoers get behind the wheel of a vehicle, their decision can put other people in grave danger.

As you are driving or riding around this holiday season, be sure to keep a lookout for drunk drivers. You can usually spot them because of their erratic behavior. Drunk drivers will usually drift in and out of lanes, drive at inappropriate speeds — either too fast or too slow — for the current conditions, stop when it isn’t necessary or fail to obey traffic signs and signals. In some cases, they might drive without their lights on at night.

Some drunk drivers won’t signal appropriately. They will either not signal at all or signal in the direction opposite of where they intend to turn. They may also tailgate, accelerate quickly or slow down suddenly.

If you see a driver who appears to be drunk, don’t try to stop the driver. Instead, stay as far away as you safely can. This might help you to avoid getting into an accident. If possible, contact police to alert them to the situation.

If you are struck by a driver who appears to be drunk, you might opt to seek compensation. It is crucial that you seek out the medical care you need first; however, once that is done and you are on the road to recovery, you can move forward with finding out your options.

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