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Pedestrians face specific challenges in the winter months

The winter months are full of challenges for pedestrians in Connecticut thanks to snow and ice on crosswalks, sidewalks, parking lots and more. Planning ahead to combat these challenges can help you to get to your destination safely if you have to walk when the streets and sidewalks are slippery and dangerous.

Make sure that you wear proper shoes that can handle the surfaces. Snow boots or other shoes with deep treads are ideal. As you walk, watch where you are going. Even if you are familiar with your route, there is still a chance that obstacles will be present where the area is normally clear. For example, you might come across a patch of black ice that makes you lose your balance.

Slipping on ice poses a problem during the winter months because when you fall, there is a chance that you might fall in the street. If vehicles are approaching, this could be devastating. Cars might not have time to stop before they slam into you if the roads are slick.

This brings up another important point – watch traffic carefully when you walk. Even though you have the right of way in a crosswalk, that right of way won’t help to keep you safe if the vehicles heading your way are too close to safely stop. A sliding vehicle can slam into you with great force and cause you severe injuries.

Even if you are very careful during the winter months, there is a chance that a vehicle will strike you. If this occurs, get the medical care you need and then you can determine if you are going to seek compensation. Any awarded compensation might help you to get back on your feet as you deal with the effects of the injuries.

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