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A few safety tips to help pedestrians stay safe

Pedestrians walk for many different reasons, including trying to be more environmentally friendly or just because they don’t want the expense of a car. No matter why you are choosing to walk, you should try to be as safe as you can. Before you head out on your walk, think about these safety tips.

Wear clothing that lets the drivers on the roadway see you. During the day, this isn’t such a big deal because of the sunlight. In inclement weather and at night, you should wear brightly-colored clothing and something with reflective material to make it easy to see you.

Be sure that you are walking toward traffic if there aren’t sidewalks in the area. This lets you see vehicles as they are coming toward you, which would possibly let you get out of the way of a vehicle that seems like it will slam into you.

When you are ready to cross the street, make sure you are at a crosswalk or at an intersection. Follow the instructions given by the crosswalk signal if there is one available. Even if you have the right-of-way when crossing in a crosswalk or intersection, be sure that no vehicles seem like they are going to speed through the area where you plan to cross. It is better to give the car the right-of-way and save yourself some injuries.

If you are injured by a car, you might end up deciding to seek compensation for the injuries. The circumstances of the accident will be relevant to your claim, so be sure you have experienced legal guidance to help you effectively make your case.

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