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Pedestrians struck by drunk drivers face a difficult recovery

Drunk driving is a huge problem that affects every person who uses the public roadways. Whether you are in a vehicle or are a pedestrian, you are facing a dangerous scenario if a drunk driver is in the vicinity. We know that no one leaves home hoping that they will be struck by a drunk driver. When a drunk driver does strike a pedestrian, the effects can be devastating.

If you were walking along and minding your own business when you were struck by a drunk driver, you might decide that you are going to hold the drunk driver accountable for the accident. We understand that you might feel like your energy is stretched to the max because of the injuries you suffer.

The road to recovery is a long one. It is something that you might struggle through. Many of the injuries that are associated with a pedestrian accident involving an intoxicated driver can take considerable time to heal. Some injuries, such as brain or spinal cord injuries, might not ever truly heal. Instead, you will have to learn to live with the limitations and effects of the injury.

Holding a drunk driver accountable for the injuries you suffered is one way that you can seek justice for what happened. Instead of just sitting back and trying to cover the expenses on your own and letting the drunk driver get away with slamming into an innocent pedestrian, we can help you seek compensation to let the drunk driver and others who might decide to drive drunk know that their behavior isn’t acceptable.

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