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Pedestrians face risks on this July 4 holiday weekend

Pedestrians are out in full force now that the weather is nicer. This means that everyone who is out on the roads needs to be careful about how they are driving. This is especially true near areas where pedestrians frequent.

With the Independence Day holiday right around the corner, pedestrians are going to face an increased risk of drunk drivers on the road. Combining drunk drivers and pedestrians can be devastating. We know all too well just how much these accidents can impact the victims.

Pedestrians who are hit by a car will usually need to seek medical care for their injuries. Broken bones, head injuries and spinal cord damage are some of the injuries that might occur in these crashes. The victim might have to take time off from work while healing.

This poses a tough conundrum for the victim. They need to work so they can pay bills, but they can’t work because of the accident. They are facing more bills because of the medical care. This can all combine to make an already difficult situation seem impossible.

Pedestrians do have the option of seeking compensation for the injuries they suffered. This might help them to cover medical bills and other expenses that are related to the accident.

We can help you learn about the options that you have for seeking compensation if you are struck by a car. Determining where to turn for compensation and how to make your case are important factors. We can help you work through all of this and any other points you need to handle.

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