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Car accidents in driveways can be fatal to children

Children tend to play in driveways. This seems like an ideal place to ride bicycles and play basketball. The issue with this is that there are times when playing in a driveway might be very dangerous.

Have you ever thought about what will happen if a child is struck in a driveway? You might think that nothing serious would happen, but the fact is that these driveway accidents can be fatal for children. Even at the slow speeds that cars drive in a driveway, there is the possibility that a child would be run over by the vehicle.

If a child is run over, he or she can be crushed by the weight of the vehicle. As you can imagine, this could be fatal.

When children are struck by a vehicle, the question of liability can come up. This could be in the form of a personal injury lawsuit if the child is injured or a wrongful death lawsuit if the child is killed. This is something that no parent should have to deal with at all.

Unfortunately, a child who suffers an injury when being struck by a vehicle will likely need time in the hospital. This means that a parent would probably need to take time off of work or quit their job to stay with the child in the hospital and later at home. This would increase the financial difficulties that the family has to deal with. Seeking compensation for the injuries could help to minimize the financial troubles that the family has to handle as their child recovers

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