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Don’t wait too long to seek compensation after the accident

Safety is key when pedestrians and drivers are sharing the same space. When drivers are moving around the Stamford area, they need to exercise extreme caution to make sure that they don’t slam into an innocent person. We understand that everyone is in a rush to get to their destination; however, this can’t trump safety.

Pedestrians who are struck by a vehicle can suffer a variety of injuries. In the best scenario, the pedestrian will only suffer bumps and bruises. In the worst case, the pedestrian can die. The situations between those are also horrific. Broken bones, brain damage and spinal cord injuries might all occur.

We know that pedestrians don’t walk around hoping to get hit by a car. In fact,they will do everything in their power to avoid getting hit. When an accident does happen, though, the pedestrian will likely be very concerned.

Pedestrians who are struck by a car might want to seek medical care, even if they don’t think that they are injured. This is because many of the injuries that might occur are some that might remain hidden for a bit. One example of this is a brain injury. You might not see the signs of the injury for a few days or even weeks.

Another thing to consider is that you might decide that you are going to seek compensation from the driver who struck you. We can help you to take care of this, but make sure that you don’t allow the state’s statute of limitations, which is two years, to pass without taking action. If this time passes, you won’t be able to seek the compensation you deserve.

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