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Know what to do after being hit by a drunk driver

Being hit by a drunk driver is something that drastically change your life. Determining what you need to do after the accident is difficult. One thing that you will need to do, in most cases, is to seek medical care. This helps you to get an official diagnosis that can help you to know what you need to do to address the injuries.

Another thing that you might do is to seek compensation, but don’t think that this is automatically going to be from the drunk driver. There is a chance that you could share some of the fault in the matter. One example of this is if run a stop sign and a drunk driver slams into your vehicle, you will likely share in the fault.

If the drunk driver is completely at fault, seeking compensation might still be a challenge. You will have to show that all of the elements necessary for these cases have been met in the situation. For example, you have show that the driver was reckless or negligent, which can sometimes be indicated by the presence of alcohol in the driver’s blood.

You have to look into all of the facts of the accident to determine how to best proceed with your claim. This can help you to decide whether you will file a lawsuit or not. Ultimately, you have to do what is best for you. This might mean seeking compensation from the drunk driver to try to recover some of the money that you had to spend on medical care and other bills that are directly related to the accident.

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