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Pedestrians and drivers should use proper safety techniques

Pedestrians and drivers need to take steps to make sure that the people who are walking around can remain safe throughout their journey. When either party has a few too many drinks or acts in an unsafe manner, there is a chance that someone is going to get hurt — more than likely this person will be the pedestrian.

Crosswalks are a main component of pedestrian safety. People who are walking around should make sure that they know where these are located and cross the street in them instead of just crossing anywhere. Drivers should watch for crosswalks and remember that pedestrians do have the right of way there.

Another thing to remember at crosswalks is that pedestrians should obey the signals for walking. Crossing when the signal shows that it isn’t time to cross can lead to an accident. Even if the signal shows pedestrians should cross, they should be careful. While drivers should stop for pedestrians, they might not. It is best to never play chicken with a moving car, even if you are in a crosswalk.

Drivers should be sure that they are paying close attention to what pedestrians are doing. Trying to rush through a crosswalk to beat the pedestrians is a recipe for disaster that should be avoided.

When a pedestrian is struck, there is a chance that the pedestrian will be injured. These pedestrians might choose to seek compensation for their injuries. This could help them afford the medical care that they need, as well as other life expenses that have to do with the accident.

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