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The intersection of truckers and drunk driving is dangerous

We’ve recently discussed semitruck crashes and how devastating these accidents can be for the victims. What some people don’t realize is that semitruck accidents might be fully preventable. One instance of this is when a trucker is drunk and decides to drive.

The legal limit for a commercial driver is much lower than the limit for other drivers. A person who is driving any commercial vehicle, including a semitruck, has a legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit of .04 percent in Connecticut. This means that a commercial vehicle accident might be a drunk driving accident even if it wouldn’t fall under that classification when personal vehicles are involved.

We know that all semitruck accidents and all drunk driving accidents are horrible events. When these two combine into the same accident, the effects might be even worse. The anger you feel is likely going to be astronomical because you know that the accident could have been prevented.

If you are injured in a drunk trucking crash, you should take the same steps that you would take for any semitruck crash or drunk driving crash. Make sure that you contact the police and get medical care for your injuries. All of this comes together to show that the injuries you suffered occurred in the crash that was the trucker’s fault.

These points, as well as other facts of the crash, can become focal points of a claim for compensation if you decide that you are going to pursue this type of lawsuit. We can help you get everything together so you can get your claim moving along.

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