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Don’t fall victim to drunk drivers this weekend

Drunk drivers can kill. With the big game this weekend, everyone will need to pay more attention to the actions of other drivers to ensure that they aren’t falling victim to drunk drivers. There isn’t any way that police officers can keep every drunk driver off the roads, so you must try to do your part to keep yourself safe.

There are a few different signs that someone who is driving is intoxicated. One of these is that they will drive in an erratic manner. These individuals will likely weave in and out of traffic. They might drive too fast or too slow for the conditions. There is a chance that they might drift in and out of their lane.

Drunk drivers have a tendency to speed up too quickly and stop suddenly. They may drive through traffic lights and stop signs or stop in the middle of the road. Some might turn without using a turn signal, and this is usually due to the abrupt decision to turn.

One of the top priorities that you have if you come across a drunk driver is to keep yourself protected. Try to stay away from the drunk driver if you can. Don’t try to follow them or stop them.

If you can do it safely, contact the police department to alert them to the driver’s actions. Make sure you pull over to make the call so that you aren’t going to end up in an accident because of distracted driving.

People who are injured in a drunk driving accident should make sure they get medical care. Take the time to explore your options for seeking compensation. There is no reason why you should be held liable for someone else’s choice to drive drunk.

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