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Drunk driving accidents can lead to compensation claims

One of the questions that is likely to come up when a person is involved in a car crash is whether the person who caused the accident was intoxicated. This won’t have an impact on the outcome of the accident, it can have a big impact on a claim for compensation. We understand that you might already feel overwhelmed by the situation. You might not think that you can handle anything else right now. This is where we come in.

We can help you learn about seeking compensation for the injuries that you suffered in the accident. This isn’t a process that is going to be easy or quick, but we can help you find out about the process. We can work with you to decide on a course of action, help you get the legal components of the case handled and work to protect your rights and interests.

When you are facing the healing process after a drunk driving crash, you need to be able to focus on yourself. You can count on us to get your case together and filed. Delaying the filing could mean that you can’t take legal action because of the time limits set by Connecticut law. Once the time to file has passed, you can’t seek compensation.

You also have to think about preservation of evidence and memories. There is a chance that evidence might change or be altered over time. Your memory might change. This can make it hard to make your case for compensation, so make sure you take swift action.

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